the vivarium
using the magnifying glass

vi·var·i·umn. pl. vi·var·i·ums or vi·var·i·a

A place, especially an indoor enclosure, for
keeping and raising living animals and plants under natural
conditions for observation or research.

Sun-drenched orchids and moss.
Passing thunderstorms. Tranquility.

We construct our vivariums with the goal of creating a place in your home that bridges a connection to nature.

Rainstorms, lightening flashes, clouds simulation, and flowing water features are just some of the options to give your vivarium an exceptionally natural touch.

We offer deep knowledge of tropical plants, how to succeed with miniature orchids, and the best ways to integrate poison dart frogs and other display animals into the habitat.

We create a harmonious balance that results in a surprisingly easy to maintain vivarium.

We are passionate about creating these exquisite habitats and strive to provide the best possible service and support. Reach out if you’d like to learn more - no question is too small.